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Visalia Personal Injury & Auto Accident Attorneys

Injured in Visalia Car Accident? Talk to a competent auto injury lawyer.

When injured in an accident in which another individual was reckless, negligent or dangerous in their actions, it is critical that you contact a Visalia personal injury attorney to assist you in addressing the legal matters related to the injury accident. A claim for damages is an urgent matter; how it is compiled, written and filed can make a difference in the response from any insurance company representing the liable party. Dealing with such matters without legal representation is dangerous, as you may lose the opportunity to demand certain types of compensation either through a lack of full understanding of your rights, or through discussing the injuries with an insurance adjuster.

Never proceed in a personal injury case without experienced legal representation. The legal team at Accident Lawyers has over 35 years collective experience in assisting clients with all kinds of accident and injury claims.

Slip & Fall Accidents
Personal injury claims related to slip and fall accidents can be difficult to deal with for various reasons. For example, the scene of the accident may change. The property owner may clean up the spill that a customer slipped on or may repair a broken tile that caused a shopper to trip and fall. If the injured party did not take pictures at the scene or does not have a witness or witnesses to corroborate his or her story, it may be harder to build a compelling case against the property owner. That is why it is highly recommended that you involve a lawyer as early as possible after a slip and fall accident or an injury of any kind. Sound advice and guidance can help you get started in the right direction. Click here to read more about slip and fall accidents.

At our law firm, we are committed to helping clients throughout Visalia with their personal injury claims, whether they involve nursing home abuse, construction accidents, dog bites or defective products. We are also skilled in helping victims of workplace accidents with their workers' compensation claims and have the knowledge and resources to handle birth injury and other medical malpractice lawsuits, as well as wrongful death cases.

Auto accidents are a key focus of our firm, and we can handle insurance claims and lawsuits for all kinds of motor vehicle accidents, including those that involve motorcycles, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians. Whether it was drunk driving or any other type of negligence or wrongdoing that led to your collision, you can count on a personal injury attorney at our firm to get to the bottom of who was at fault in order to seek maximum compensation.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Visalia

Each injury case has specific circumstances that contributed to the damage suffered by the victim. In some complex cases, there could be more than one liable party, such as in product liability cases or medical malpractice claims. The degree of injury suffered by the victim can range from a tragic loss of life to a mild injury in which a few days of work were lost and medical treatment took place. No matter how severe or mild the injury, it is vital that you have legal representation to fight to ensure that all the possible damages related to your case are addressed in the claim or lawsuit filed on your behalf.

When you or a loved one has been injured or lost their lives due to the actions of another, it is strongly advised that you contact the firm to address the claim or lawsuit related to the damages suffered by either the injured victim or their families. You can be assured that the legal team will make your case a priority and will keep you advised of the progress of your case as it moves toward resolution. Experienced legal counsel is vital in personal injury cases, as the likelihood of a higher value settlement, verdict or compensation is increased when you protect yourself with a personal injury lawyer. Civil cases of this type have a short window of time in which they can be filed, and it is urgent that you act quickly before you lose the opportunity to make your claim for compensation.

Interested in learning more? Contact a Visalia personal injury attorney from Accident Lawyers today.

Visalia Personal Injury Attorney

Take this opportunity to learn more about your options and rights in the wake of a personal injury or accident of any kind. Contact a Visalia injury attorney at our offices today.

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The legal team at Accident Lawyers has over 35 years of collective experience in assisting the injured in seeking top value settlements in these very important legal claims. An experienced Stockton car accident lawyer at our firm can provide high quality legal representation in virtually any type of car accident claim.

Personal Injury

When you have accurate information from a reliable source, you can make better choices about your personal injury case. Our team is competent and is ready to see how to best help you.

Auto Accident in Visalia

When involved in an auto accident that has resulted in an injury, there are important legal matters that must be addressed with regard to the claims process. The responsible driver must face the fact that they are liable for the injuries and other damages suffered by the victims in the accident.

Bicycle Accident

Have you or someone close to you been the victim of an accident involving a bicycle? The injuries received from bicycle accidents which involve other motor vehicles are often serious.

Birth Injury

A negligent nurse or doctor can turn an otherwise joyous event into a tragedy. We put our trust into medical practitioners and they have a duty to provide us with adequate care.

Construction Accident

Construction sites can be a dangerous place for the workers, visitors and people passing by. There are sometimes large machines, incomplete projects, materials or debris that can become hazardous to pedestrians or motorists in the proximity.

Drunk Driving Accident

In 2008, 30% of all traffic fatalities involved drivers with a blood alcohol level of .08% or higher and accounted for a death toll of 1029. There were 1198 alcohol related fatalities.

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