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FAQ's: Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Cases

Should I accept a settlement in a motor vehicle accident case?

It is strongly advised that you get the details of your case reviewed by a personal injury lawyer prior to accepting any settlement. Insurance companies often make low settlement offers to those who do not have legal representation protecting their rights.

How long does it take to get a settlement in a motor vehicle accident case?

Each case is unique with regard to the degree of the injuries and other damages, and some are settled quickly and others may take longer, especially those that involve catastrophic injuries or must go to court to get a judgment or verdict. The legal team at Accident Lawyers offers a free injury consultation to advise what to expect in your specific case.

How much can I expect in a whiplash case?

Even whiplash cases have varying degrees of damage; some individuals are unable to work for an extended period of time while others recover quickly. It is crucial that you have proper documentation in the case and that all the evidence related to how the accident occurred as well as medical information in order to determine what could be expected with regard to compensation for damages. If you lost work and had other ramifications of the car accident, these must be addressed in your claim. The legal team at the firm can prepare the claim to reflect all the true damages suffered in the case.

What if an injury was caused by a drunk driver?

In some serious injury cases, a drunk driver was involved. This is usually considered to be "criminal negligence" and it may be possible to seek punitive damages, depending upon the circumstances of the accident and the degree of injury sustained.

What can Accident Lawyers help with?

The legal team at the firm has over 35 years of experience in assisting clients with all types of personal injury cases including the following:

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