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Visalia Drunk Driving Attorney

DUI Accident Lawyer in Visalia?

In 2008, 30% of all traffic fatalities involved drivers with a blood alcohol level of .08% or higher and accounted for a death toll of 1029. There were 1198 alcohol related fatalities. These are accidents occurring where at least one driver, pedestrian or cyclist involved had a positive blood alcohol concentration that was above the legal limit. Protecting your rights and the rights of other unsuspecting drivers is imperative in these situations. A Visalia personal injury lawyer is experienced at getting the drunk drivers off of the roads while aggressively fighting for your rights and deserved compensation for any physical injuries or lost wages, among other possible damages.

If you are in an accident with a person convicted of DUI it is a important that the liable party faces a lawsuit or claim regarding the injuries and other damages suffered in the case. A drunk driving accident lawyer from the Pacific Attorney Group can ensure that the drunk driver is forced to pay for the damages they have caused through their negligent actions. This also assists other residents of the community should this negligent driver be allowed to continue endangering the lives of others. An attorney with the resources and experience to fight for what is fair in your case is an important aspect of any such case.

About Drunk Driving Accidents in Visalia

Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents are increasing in the Visalia area, and innocent victims suffer the consequences of the negligence of the driver who chose to drive while intoxicated. One cannot predict that such an event will take place, and any drunk driver is a very serious hazard to the law-abiding drivers or pedestrians in the area. It is strongly advised that you act quickly if you or a loved one has suffered an injury from a drunk driver; the claims process can be confusing and complex, and the legal team is prepared to address the damages you have suffered with fast legal action regarding your claim for compensation.

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