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About Motorcycle Accidents

Visalia Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Many Visalia residents prefer to use a motorcycle as their main form of transportation, or ride on the weekends for fun and recreation. These fun vehicles provide an inexpensive and exhilarating way to get to work, school or merely to take a ride and enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, many drivers are not careful with regard to sharing the road with motorcyclists and when inattentive or reckless, can cause an accident resulting in terrible or life-threatening injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in such an accident, it is critical that you contact a Visalia personal injury lawyer at once. At Pacific Attorney Group, the legal team has helped countless individuals recover compensation for damages in motorcycle accident injury cases.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Visalia

In many motorcycle accidents, the injuries are extremely severe; the motorcyclist is virtually unprotected from harm, other than the helmet. Even a helmet is not enough protection in many cases, and severe head injuries and traumatic brain injuries are far too common. These injuries can have a permanent effect on the victim, some of whom will never fully recover and may have memory loss, loss of cognitive ability or lose the ability to walk, talk or other catastrophic injury. Spinal injuries are also frequent, resulting in varying degrees of paralysis. Such injuries require long term medical care and treatment, and some recover with time, while others face a life that is forever altered from the accident.

In less serious cases, the injured may suffer fractured elbows, wrists, knees, shoulder arms or legs, or serious abrasions that can take many months to attempt to resolve. These procedures are always expensive, and the medical bills can reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars in many cases. No matter what the type of injury sustained, you have the right to file a claim for compensation for damages and to seek to recover the costs of medical care, surgeries, ambulance bills, rehabilitation, reconstructive surgeries and loss of income and future financial losses. In very serious injury cases, other damages could be pursued such as pain and suffering or others. At Pacific Attorney Group, the legal team will fully review the situation to advise you how to proceed with your claim and is prepared to aggressively pursue what is fair in your specific motorcycle injury case.

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