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Visalia Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Do You Need a Visalia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

The number of fatalities from pedestrian accidents in Visalia tripled from the year 2007 to 2008. This statistic gives motorists an idea of the importance watching for pedestrians, following the speed limits and driving responsibly without distraction. It is very important to prove responsibility in these cases. This is usually done through the work of a Visalia personal injury lawyer whose only purpose is protecting the rights of their injured client.

Attorneys for the "other side", the insurance company staff and even law enforcement officials do not have your defense as their main focus. The judicial system was set up with legal representation on both sides to give an equal playing field to all parties using the system. A competent and skilled pedestrian accident attorney from Pacific Attorney Group can make the difference in your case by doing any necessary investigation to prove responsibility, liaise with medical experts and fight aggressively at each stage of your insurance claim. The compensation you receive can depend on how well an attorney provided all of the documentation regarding your physical injuries, lost wages and other related traumas to the responsible party's insurance company.

Pedestrian Accidents in Visalia

If you live in the Visalia area and have been involved with a pedestrian accident the first thing to do is seek legal counsel. Our diverse community is a mixture of urban and rural communities. Walking has become increasingly popular with many individuals striving for better physical health. Visalia also has a large agricultural community in which many of the farm workers still walk to get to work, the store or just to visit family. But there have been times when motorists are involved in a pedestrian accident that leaves them puzzled as to where the person came from; sometimes this is a scam to receive compensation for false injuries. The pedestrian accident lawyers at the Pacific Attorney Group have the resources to do any needed investigation into the circumstances of the accident so that you can rest assured knowing the best possible outcome will be achieved.

Contact a Visalia pedestrian accident attorney from the Pacific Attorney Group to defend your rights and inform you of your options.

Visalia Personal Injury Attorney

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